Why Your Virtual Business will Require an Office

Why Your Virtual Business will Require an Office
There are many benefits of having a virtual business; you will cut on the rent of physical space, office equipment and other expenditure that is necessary for a physical business to work. However, there are also clear advantages to having a centralized office.

When you have a physical office space, it reflects legitimacy which in turn helps you to earn the loyalty and respect of your clients. You can even gain customers or employees from foot traffic. Face-to-face interactions can also happen and this type of communication is often more successful especially in a business environment.

Below are four essential reasons why you need a physical office space for your virtual business.

Physical Working Space

A virtual business still requires some physical infrastructure put in place. For example, you still need employees and office resources to aid you in your work. It is also a better solution than working from home to enhance your productivity and keep work-personal boundaries clear. To make it much more convenient for you to get to work, look for ancillary offices for rent near Tai Seng MRT, for example. Easy accessibility from public transportation is always an advantage.

Our property at 18 New Industrial Road is only a walking distance to Tai Seng and Bartley MRT Stations. Located at the East district of Singapore, it is also accessible near the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) and Central Expressway (CTE). The unit rental is suitable for B1 Light Industrial, warehouse and ancillary office usage. Aside from nearby eateries, the 6-storey building also has complimentary parking, loading bays and 24-hour CCTV security and access.

To Organize Your Work Well

Virtual businesses are usually very vibrant. Consequently, there tends to be a lot of paperwork that comes out of running a business. To ensure you are orderly and efficient, you should have enough office space to keep records and documents. You can benefit from having the extra space for storage from a physical office space without cluttering your home.

To Advertise Your Brand Well

For any business to grow, advertising is critical. Having a physical space can help you to establish a strong brand image and earn the trust of customers. Your business will enjoy a physical address to uphold your brand image and make a good impression for clients coming in for meetings to develop further business opportunities.


An environment that fosters collaboration can be the catalyst for generating better ideas, and mutual support amongst employees for increased morale. While staff can communicate digitally in a virtual office, there is no replacement for face-to-face contact and interaction. You may just lose out on some great ideas simply by not having an office space. 

Although a virtual business saves resources, the benefits of having a physical office space is still clear. Your business can stand a better chance to bolster brand image, build customer trust and encourage regular collaboration. If the cost of rent is a concern, there are much more cost-effective options outside of the city area such as offices for rent in Bartley for you to consider, like our property at 18 New Industrial Road.

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