Why Warehouse Space Planning Boosts Productivity

Why Warehouse Space Planning Boosts Productivity
Before you go into space planning - what are your business priorities; employee health or employee engagement? With proper space planning, you are able to support these long-term goals by tweaking your space into a suitably designed interior environment.

For instance, a big portion of supply chain activities takes place at the warehouse, and space planning your warehouse will have a great impact on productivity. Better efficiency in a space results in higher productivity, and of course - great employee satisfaction. In other words, this means more innovative work will benefit the organisation as a whole.

Continue reading to discover other reasons why space planning has a positive impact on productivity.

Lower costs

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Improper planning means that space will be used inefficiently and even cause clutter. When supplies and goods aren’t kept in check, businesses may start buying more than what is needed - just because they are unsure of how much stock is left.

With efficient space planning, your business will take into account both horizontal and vertical storage to optimise cost and staff productivity. When everything is kept in order, it’ll be easy to find the required materials and get on with your task - in turn, ensuring no need for purchasing extra stocks.

Improved stock management

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Poorly planned warehouses take little or no account of how staff, products and equipment move between the key areas of the warehouse. The warehouse team needs adequate space to receive supplies, categorise them and stock them. When servicing orders, they need to pick and pack items within the shortest time possible. So, plan the warehouse to have sufficient space to accommodate both people and equipment.

Otherwise speaking, you need to look for an available industrial warehouse for rent and start managing your goods well. Our property at Depot Lane is offering our warehouse for rent near Redhill MRT, currently with 10 units available - ranging from 1,500 to 7,000 sq ft and fitted with adequate lighting. It’s within the Bukit Merah district - making it a centralised and developed location for staff to reach the workplace easily. Additionally, those with personal transport can access AYE to come down to work. Aside from its attractive location, the property is well-known for its easy loading setup located at the doorsteps of the unit - Ground Floor Warehouse. Our units also come with 40-footer access and a loading bay to bring in and deliver your goods smoothly. Other amenities include the nearby NTUC Fairprice Supermarket and Depots Height Shopping Centre for a range of amenities including retail shopping, grocery, banks, and so forth.

Enhanced working environment

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Space planning affects the working environment which in turn, has a big impact on staff productivity. Warehouses are considered as spaces to store products - and poor space planning can lead to demotivated team members who are unable to do their job due to the unknown stock count.

That’s why proper space planning comes into play to adjust to your team members’ working conditions - this will enhance productivity greatly.

Better organisation

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An organised warehouse is an efficient warehouse. For instance, if your workstation is organised, you will be more efficient and more productive at work. And the same applies to warehouses. So, when thinking about space planning, put your business needs first, and organise the warehouse appropriately. 

That means you will need to look for a suitable warehouse to start arranging your goods to maintain employee productivity. Currently, our property at Tuas Vista is providing an office for rent near Tuas West Road MRT, with units varying from 267 to 20,000 sq ft. Our premise can be used for both office and industrial use - and even comes with an in-house canteen to provide convenience to tenants. It also comes with 3 loading bays and 2 cargo lifts so your inventory can be easily transported out for customer delivery. All units are equipped with 24-hour accessibility as well so any transporting can be done at any time. Other included amenities also consist of an overhead crane, high floor loading and high ceiling.

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