Why does your office location matter more in 2021?

Why does your office location matter more in 2021?
While 2020 was one of the most disruptive years in decades for businesses and organizations, everyone had hoped 2021 will bring good news. But as the past six months in this year have shown, the situation is constantly evolving, and businesses are trying to keep up with the changing scenario. Till now, offices for rent in Singapore were driven mostly by financial and practical reasons. However, that has all changed, and one must consider other factors that are as equally important when selecting a space for office premises.

Employee well-being

Health and fitness for employees

A survey by Gartner in 2020 revealed that employers who supported their employees in improving their well-being witnessed a 21% increase in productivity. There are many ways for an organization to achieve this. The easiest is to have value-added facilities like a gym, fitness centre or childcare centre in within or nearby the office premises, offering great convenience to the employees. Commercial spaces for rent in a complex that houses such amenities can be the perfect solution.

Reduced commutation 

Commuting to the office has always been a pain point for employees, especially amid the pandemic as everyone is looking to reduce their exposure to the virus as much as possible. While work-from-home solves this problem completely, it may not always be feasible. The next best option is to cut down on commuting time for employees. An office close to MRT stations or other public transport stops will make commute easier and help with employee retention. 


In a post-COVID era, hygiene has become a necessary aspect of life, including the workplace. Temporary fixtures like fiberglass partitions, signs for social distancing, and daily sanitization have become a norm for offices. When you are looking for an office for rent, select a place where you will be able to easily append or remove these fixtures as required. Also, premises where cleaning and maintenance of common areas are professionally managed will further boost the hygiene and cleanliness of your office.

Security and Accessibility 

Premise security

Security is one of the basic but most important requirements for any business location. For any commercial space you are planning to rent, make sure the three key components of security are in place – on-ground security, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, and central monitoring and reporting. All properties listed on Space Portal are secured by Industrial Commercial Securities Pte Ltd. which has a Grade A certification from Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD) and an ISO 9001:1008 conformance. 

Parking and accessibility 

Businesses that often ship or receive inventory require parking spaces for delivery trucks and loading facilities to conduct day-to-day business. Hence, it is also important to check the loading bay or loading area before finalizing the office location. The last thing you want is your vehicles being denied entry to the premises because they do not meet the criteria. Also, a location close to the highways can make logistics management smooth and efficient.

Operational issues 

All-in-one solution 

The financial stress caused to the pandemic has forced businesses to save every dollar on operational costs. Reducing office space by combining functions is fast becoming the norm. For example, e-commerce companies are increasingly combining warehouses with offices to manage everything in a consolidated manner. Manufacturers want factories, warehouses and offices in the same vicinity. Thus, multi-functional industrial properties in Singapore that have a combination of B1 and office space or factory and office space in the same building are fast gaining popularity. Space Portal lists many of such industrial self-storage spaces for rent. 

Business-specific requirements 

Office location is sometimes also determined by customer location. For example, a computer installation and service provider whose customers are mostly located in CBD needs to have an office for rent in CBD to service its customers quickly and efficiently. A manufacturer whose products are exported to Malaysia would prefer a location close to the border to reduce the transport time and cost. These factors are sometimes critical to a business’ success and must be taken into account when selecting a location. 

Changing work arrangements 

Having spent over a year amid COVID restrictions, work arrangements in various companies have evolved differently. Some have realized that they can permanently shift as much as 25% of their roles to work-from-home, while some call workers in shifts. Given that Singapore commercial property prices are one of the highest in the world, no wonder businesses are looking to optimize every square foot. Accordingly, office designs are also evolving and commercial spaces that support such designs are the ones to look for.

Expansion plans 

Every business aims for growth and plans an office space that will cater to its changing needs in the future. However, considering the current uncertainties, a wiser approach will be to look for bite-sized office units that can be upgraded, if required. Many modern commercial rentals in Singapore, like Space Portal, provide units in different sizes at the same location. With this, businesses can rent additional office units in the same building as and when needed. 

With ever-changing business scenarios, workplaces are also quickly evolving to adapt to the new normal. Whether you are looking to relocate your office or start a new business, office location is now more important than ever for your business’ success in the long term.