What Your Employees Look For From The Workplace

What Your Employees Look For From The Workplace
Keeping your employees happy and motivated at work is key to their well-being that form the basis for engagement, productivity and retention. Beyond just the typical corporate wellness programs like on-site fitness and health education, you shouldn’t overlook basic factors like air quality, comfortable light and connection to nature that will raise their satisfaction levels.

An employee who is healthy and happy is a productive one. For those who are satisfied with their work environments, they become more productive, are more engaged in their work, and more likely to stay in the company over competitors. Workplaces that lack these factors tend to experience general dissatisfaction and high turnover.

Let’s explore more about what employees want from the workplace.

Start with the basics

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Light and air quality are the biggest factors that have an impact on employee performance, well-being and happiness. Poor air quality not only lowers their energy, but it also results in lost productivity. Research also shows that enhanced ventilation improves cognitive performance. Good lighting in the workplace is also a necessity as it will avoid putting a strain in workers’ eyes and lead to further problems like headaches. Employee satisfaction and productivity can be positively affected by well-designed illumination.

Wellness in the workplace

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Workplace wellness goes beyond just the physical health of your employees – it also includes emotional and mental wellness where they can perform their best. Give employees access to natural light and surroundings where they can take a break and look out the window for a breather. Quiet rooms can also come in handy where they can comfortably focus on their work. Make sure your work stations are ergonomically designed to reduce the potential for musculoskeletal injuries and allow for improved productivity.

The location of your workplace can also be an attractive factor for employees. Consider central areas where they can commute to daily for work, and offers convenience for business clients to conduct meetings with you. Our property at Cantonment Central offers big and small offices for rent, located near Tanjong Pagar MRT and the upcoming Cantonment MRT station. Strategically located at the fringe of CBD, this building is newly refurbished with automated turnstiles at lobby. At the 3rd level, you can take in the breathtaking sea view behind the full height glass windows. There are ample food amenities available in the vicinity as well as a bustop right outside the building. Office units range from 400 to 12,150 sqft – with bare furnishing and full height glass windows. Look forward to live and work in this colonial development, that also features plenty of parking lots for those with private vehicles.

Quality leadership

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When employees join a workplace, they want to be going somewhere that is defined and important. A good leader can bring out the best abilities in the team members and motivate them to work together in achieving a shared goal. Employees want a sense of being on the right track, guided by someone who is trustworthy and in charge to keep the team organised and focused. This will also help them understand and support your business’ vision, mission and goals. When they’re confident in the leadership you offer, they are more likely to commit to your company long-term as well.

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