What made Businesses choose 1557 Keppel as their Office Space for Rent?

What made Businesses choose 1557 Keppel as their Office Space for Rent?
Choosing the best location to set up an office is a critical decision that may have ramifications for entrepreneurs if not done properly. Your office becomes vital to the performance and profitability of your business. That is why while searching for a  commercial property for rent in Singapore from a pool of hundreds of flexible offices, co-working spaces, serviced offices, or private offices in Singapore, 1557 Keppel stands out from the crowd with a fresh corporate look. 

1557 Keppel: Paving Way to Development 

Before LHN Group revamped 1557 Keppel into its new avatar, it took into consideration that businesses often had an offices environment that was not employee-friendly that catered to next-gen entrepreneurial needs. With the repurposing of the place, it now comprises an integrated office and co-living space. The area has become a hub for Fintech companies, E-commerce, and Digital Media businesses who have taken up the office space for rent at 1557 Keppel. The building has expansive windows built into the office spaces to revamp the older setup. The designers have capitalised on ceiling heights of 5.5m to 6.6m tall well-lit windows that allow a magnificent scenic view.

Nauman from Cliff Digital Media, a digital media company, housed at 1557 Keppel Road since May 2021, clearly explains why he chose this office space. 

“Before viewing this office, we saw many offices without big windows or even no windows which felt cramped and claustrophobic. The bright office space with floor to ceiling windows and the modern fittings of the building drew me to take up a place here.”

Strategic Location

For premium office for rent in CBD Singapore, one can find good options in either Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar Area. 1557 Keppel is conveniently located at the fringe of CBD district. This building has easy access to the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, Ayer Rajah Expressway, Central Expressway, and West Coast Highway.

Another satisfied office space tenant at 1557 Keppel is Becky from Banter & Co Pte Ltd, who also took up office space here upon recommendation of their friend at 1557, EightFour Digital. The company runs a boutique size co-working space to connect early start-ups and entrepreneurs. They run and operate gifting e-commerce services from their office space for rent. 

Becky has clear cut reasons for choosing this office space:  “The aesthetic and edginess of the building resonated with our vision for our business and the central location was also a draw with a reasonable rental rate. “ 

Factors considered before deciding to take up 1557 Keppel 

Most entrepreneurs go through several factors before zeroing on a particular place for their offices. The first consideration when looking for office space for rent is the property's location and the nature of your business. The Keppel Road area is suitable for most Fintech and E-commerce businesses. When asked about the crucial factors Becky would lookout for a while looking for an office space for rent, here is what she says: 

“Location. Price and affordability. We like the charm of Cantonment Central." 

Secondly, most businesses would like to get as much as they can from their investments in terms of rent charges. The goal of many tenants is to get value from their investments in terms of rent charges.

Ken Goh, another enthusiastic entrepreneur from the Digital Media industry, who has been running his office from 1557 Keppel since July 2021, when asked about the factors that made him decided to take up on 1557 Keppel, he simply replied: 

“Promotion Price, Anytime Fitness, Central Location” 

Accessibility is also a critical factor in selecting a suitable office space. 1557 Keppel is easily accessible from various locations in Singapore. It is close to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and just a 5 to 10 minutes’ drive to CBD, Vivocity, and Chinatown Point. The famous Orchard Road is also a 15 minutes’ drive away. 

When asked why 1557 Keppel was ideal office space and what some of the good things worth mentioning about, Becky from Banter & Co Pte Ltd commented: 

“The spacious office space is a definite plus. Bus connectivity is also not bad. We like the location, easy access, near to public transports and the City Centre. “

The Available Amenities 

1557 Keppel offers a host of facilities to make the office area convenient and worth investing in for rentals. It focuses on the fact that going to a workplace is not a daily routine but can be made a happy regime. 

The work premises provide ample amenities with in-house eateries and a gym where workers can indulge during break time or when in need of a recharge. What’s more? The beautiful premise contains two blocks of co-living space for everyone who yearns to stay close to their workplace.

When asked what they enjoyed about 1557 Keppel so far, one of the tenants, Nauman, mentioned: 

“I enjoy that there’s a gym on the first level which makes it very convenient to work out. I feel proud to invite guests and clients over to my office. “ 

Ken Goh, from EightFour Digital, also liked the idea of “Easy access to Anytime Fitness”. 

In the same regard, Becky mentioned the convenience that available amenities at 1557 Keppel bring. 

“I run multiple businesses and my day-to-day work routine changes very much according to my needs and which business I focus on at the moment. For example, we like the drop off lobby as we will be running an e-commerce gifting business out of Banter & Co. The easy gym access is a plus point. Many restaurants are available within short walk and plenty to choose from on Deliveroo too.” 

Summing Up 

1557 Keppel provides an ideal office location for E-commerce, Digital Media and other Fintech companies looking for suitable premises for rent in Singapore. With a happening location that offers easy access to transport and other significant areas as well as several in-house facilities at the premises, the property promises a positive environment that can drive your workforce to greater success.