Tips For Adjusting Your Supply Chain To Covid-19

Tips For Adjusting Your Supply Chain To Covid-19
Soon after the SARS outbreak in 2003, health experts said that sudden disease emergence is a permanent part of the world. It should always be anticipated and incorporated as part of our planning. Reason being, throughout several occasions in human history, we have seen a highly virulent pathogen spreading across time and space with significant tragedies.

As such, we are forced to confront the unpleasant reality that human activities have to be adjusted to reduce the severity and frequency of these emergences. Like any other major industries, supply chains massively contribute to global economic stability. Business leaders should be fully prepared for any potential unprecedented new risk and challenges to cushion its impact. We take a closer look at how you can salvage the situation and be better prepared in your planning.  

Look out for your employees

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Covid-19 affects the heart of any supply chain operations, its people. Despite the various technological advancements and deployment of machines, people remain a critical component of supply chains. Be on the lookout for your people’s welfare. You should communicate to the team on the company’s position and operational changes. 

Check whether the team are informed on where they can check for facts regarding the pandemic situation, and the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. During this chaotic time, it is crucial to know where you can get the facts as there are plenty of misinformation spreading around.

Prepare for unforeseen impacts

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According to Swiss researcher, Jan von Overbeck, we should be anticipating sudden disease emergence and include it in our planning. However, no one may have expected an outbreak of this magnitude and impact. As supply chain managers, it is good to expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst in any given scenario.
With many manufacturing centres hit by operational shutdowns or delays due to lockdowns, you need to ask questions like: 

• Are your inventory levels sufficient to cover short-term outages?
• Do you need extra warehouse space for rent to keep category A stocks?

Simulating outage scenarios helps us to come face to face with the vulnerabilities of our supply chains. The supply chain consists of interdependent connections between suppliers, service providers and logistics providers. Especially with your most critical suppliers, you should be planning solid contingency plans to ride out the storm and continue to meet customer demands.

Develop robust business continuity plans

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The core of business continuity plans should be focused on supply chain continuity. The plan should establish contingencies in critical areas such as transportation and warehousing. Involve your suppliers and core clients when developing these plans so you can continue to meet customer needs. If you need to make arrangements for separate working teams for safe physical distancing, you may need to look into another office warehouse for rent for your ancillary support.

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Review your supply chain

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This is a good opportunity for you to review your current supply chain and identify areas of improvements. You will also have to make some reconfigurations since some of your critical supplies might be going out of business. Look into how you can prioritise and allocate resources effectively, and identify exposure to risk that’s associated with parts and suppliers. You may also have to reposition inventory in anticipation of certain regions overseas facing quarantine measures, thus, it is good to look into diversifying your needs.

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