Useful Grants For SMEs - 2018

Useful Grants For SMEs - 2018

We are always looking for various ways to support the growth of startups and SMEs, as well as ways to provide value-added services to help businesses thrive in the long run. We currently offer flexible leases, interchangeability for our spaces, and even financial support (subsidies) for new space set-ups at some of our properties.

As a business that has grown over the last 26 years, we understand that the core of many businesses is funding - something that is hard to source. Accordingly, as a complimentary effort, we have gone the extra mile to condense the various grants available in SG into a handy table for businesses to access.

Grant information is usually lengthy and difficult to read – so we’ve done all the hard research and  narrowed down the important information for you!

Type of Grant Funding Overview Submission deadline Contact Information
Automation Support Package (ASP)
Up to $1 million ASP allows companies to upgrade automation solutions (mechanics and technology) of their current operations to reduce reliance on manpower. ALL Year SPRING Singapore
+65 6898 1800
Business Improvement Fund (BIF)
Up to 70% BIF aims to improve productivity and competitiveness in the tourist sector through the adoption and innovation of technology. ALL Year Singapore Tourism Board 
+65 6736 6622
Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus (CITREP)+
Up to 90%, capped at $2,500 per trainee CITREP provides local professionals with the support they need through various programs to keep up to date with the continuous changes in technology and remain relevant. ALL Year Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus
+65 6324 8737
Mechanisation Credit (MechC) Scheme 
Up to 70%, capped at S$25,000 MechC assists builders in reducing the costs of technology adoption when leasing or purchasing equipment. ALL Year Building and Construction Authority
1800 342 5222
Operation & Technology Roadmapping (OTR)
Up to S$10,000. OTR allows businesses to improve their science, technology and research through help from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research. ALL Year Technology Adoption Programme
+65 6590 3151
Productivity Innovation Project (PIP) Scheme
Co-funded up to 70%; capped at S$5M per application PIP assists businesses in effective operation through the restructuring of work processes and incorporating labour efficient technologies. ALL Year Building and Construction Authority
1800 342 5222
Startup SG Tech
Up to $500,000 Startup SG Tech is a competitive grant that offers early-stage funding for technology solutions. ALL Year SPRING Singapore
+65 6898 1800
Technology Adoption Programme (TAP)
Up to 70% TAP assists SMEs and other professional bodies such as the Institutes of Higher Learning and Private System Integrators to collaborate for the purposes of productivity improvement by accessing new technology. ALL Year SPRING Singapore
+65 6898 1800
Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-UP)
Up to 70% T-UP provides assistance for businesses to identify and put into place R&D projects with the help of research engineers and scientists from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research. ALL Year Agency for Science, Technology and Research
+65 6825 6108
Maritime Singapore 

50% / 70%* / 90%* co-funding of the course fee The Training@Maritime Singapore grant assists maritime professionals to improve skills in IT, Data Analytics, Green Tech and other soft skills in the maritime industry. ALL Year Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
+65 6375 1923
Business Efficiency 
Building Information Model (BIM) Fund
Up to $30,000 per applicant BIM provides funding to encourage companies to build collaboration within the built environment industry firms. ALL Year Building and Construction Authority
1800 342 5222
Capability Development Grant (CDG)
Up to 70% CDG provides SMEs in Singapore with the opportunity to develop their capability in areas such as innovation, brand development and service excellence. ALL Year SPRING Singapore
+65 6898 1800
Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F)
Up to 50%, capped at $600,000. E2F seeks to help industrial companies who wish to reduce their expenses through energy efficiency. ALL Year National Environment Agency
1800 225 5632
Global Company Partnership (GCP) Grant
Up to 70% of eligible costs incurred GCP provides financial assistance for companies who wish to be globally competitive by building internal capabilities, develop manpower, and gain market access. Valid until 31 Mar 2018. International Enterprise Singapore
+65 6337 6628
Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)
Capped at $1 million over two years/company IGP helps companies kickstart productivity projects and share the gains with their employees. ALL Year Employment and Employability Institute
+65 6474 0606
Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV)
8 vouchers valued at a maximum of S$5,000 each. ICV aims to develop and improve the capabilities and productivity of businesses in: Financial Management, Human Resources, Innovation, and Productivity. ALL Year SPRING Singapore
+65 6898 1800
Land Productivity Grant (LPG)
Up to 70% LPG aims to assist companies that need one-time assistance for relocation related costs arising from the domestic or overseas relocation of their business. ALL Year Singapore Economic Development Board
+65 6832 6832
Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC)
400% tax deductions or allowances; 60% cash payout on up to $600,000 per year PIC enables businesses to enjoy tax savings in the form of deductions /allowances of up to 400% or non-taxable cash payouts in six various qualifying areas. End of the year 2018 Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
1800 356 8622
Revitalisation of Shops (ROS) Scheme
100% of upgrading costs, up to $35,000 per shop. ROS assists to revitalise HDB shops and promote them to gain a competitive advantage. ALL Year HDB Commercial Properties
1800 866 3073
Up to S$2M SPRING SEEDS helps startups develop innovative products or processes that can be marketed and sold globally, to secure co-financing (dollar-for-dollar financing) for up to $2 million. ALL Year Spring Seeds Capital Pte. Ltd
+65 6278 6666
International Marketing Activities Programme (iMAP)
Up to 70% IMAP supports international trade fairs and overseas business missions to network with businesses and gain feedback on their products and services to effectively market them. ALL Year International Enterprise Singapore +65 6337 6628
Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant
Up to 70%, capped at S$20,000/company per fiscal year MRA assists SMEs in Singapore to expand internationally by identifying international business partners and overseas marketing opportunities. ALL Year International Enterprise Singapore +65 6337 6628
Market Access Incubation Programme (MAIP)
Up to 70%, capped at S$10,000 per trip MAIP provides financial support for startups looking to expand overseas through approved market access incubators. ALL Year International Enterprise Singapore +65 6337 6628
Marketing Assistance
Up to S$25,000 per applicant (companies and individuals) per calendar year The Marketing Assistance program helps media companies effectively market their products to their target audience. ALL Year Infocomm Media Development Authority
 +65 6377 3800
Staffing and Human Resource 
Career Support Programme (CSP)
40% of gross monthly salary, capped at $2,800/month CSP is a wage support programme that helps SMEs hire Singaporean Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) to tap on their skills. ALL Year Employment and Employability Institute
+65 6474 0606
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
90% of course fees; 80% of employee’s basic hourly salary, capped at S$7.50 per hour Enhanced Training Support aims to provide SMEs with the funding they need to enhance the skills of their workforce by sending them on training schemes. ALL Year Workforce Singapore +65 6883 5885
Enterprise Training Support (ETS)
Up to S$200,000 ETS encourages businesses to implement progressive and innovative human resource systems that would help raise the skills and productivity of employees. ALL Year Workforce Singapore +65 6883 5885
Productivity-Max (P-Max) Programme Up to 90% for SMEs & a one-off S$5,000 Assistance Grant P-Max assists SMEs to recruit and retain the best Professionals, Managers and Executives in their field. ALL Year Workforce Singapore:
+65 6883 5885
SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Program
Up to $15,000 per individual The Earn and Learn program provides graduates with hands-on training to further their careers. ALL Year Skills Future Singapore:
+65 6785 5785
SME Talent Programme (STP)
Up to 70% covering the internship stipend STP helps SMEs attract local talent from ITEs, Polytechnics and Universities through student internships, sponsorships and fresh hire training to gain industry exposure. ALL Year Association for Small and Medium Enterprises:
 +65 6513 0347
Special Employment Credit (SEC)
Wage offset of up to 16% SEC provides a wage-offset to employers hiring Singaporean workers aged 55 and above. 2017 to 2019 Ministry of Manpower
1800 2222 888
Talent Assistance
Many funding options for media practitioners Talent Assistance provides many funding support options for the capability development of media practitioners. ALL Year Infocomm Media Development Authority
+65 6377 3800
Training Industry Professionals In Tourism (TIP-iT)
Up to 50% TIP-iT enables businesses in the tourist sector to upgrade their employees' skills and attract new talent. ALL Year Singapore Tourism Board
+65 6736 6622
Workforce Training & Upgrading (WTU)
Up to 90% WTU assists businesses in building forward-thinking workforces and attracts mature locals back to work in the construction industry. ALL Year Building Construction Authority Ms Chrystal Chau
+65 6730 4302
Up to $300,000 per company WorkPro provides employees with support and funding to implement work-life measures, redesign jobs and improve workplace practices to allow more flexibility for employees. ALL Year NTUC
+65 6213 8383