Keppel 1557 - Why You Need An Office In CBD

Keppel 1557 - Why You Need An Office In CBD
With the inevitable turnover of staff and influx of new millennial professionals, one of the things that your business needs to do to succeed is adapt to these new employees. Apart from transforming your workplace to satisfy and retain these individuals, your office's location itself needs to be alluring enough for them to get on board in the first place. 

Having an office at the Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore is necessary for businesses down the line for many reasons, such as branding, convenience, and so on. At LHN Group, we not only offer a warehouse or industrial space for rent, but we also have our property at Keppel 1557 located near Tanjong Pagar, which is suitable for meeting any of your office needs.

Below, we’ve listed a few reasons why you should consider moving downtown into an office space at the CBD and how a place at Keppel 1557 can set you up for success.

Pool of talented employees

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As stated, millennials will soon comprise a majority of the workforce, and it's vital to adapt to them and with the times. Nowadays, young professionals generally tend to look towards a profession within the island’s downtown area. And this is due to the CBD area having many necessities:  recreation facilities, food and beverage establishments, convenient access to transport, and, most importantly, job openings. 
Without an office space within the CBD, it may be less convenient to access public transportation, and it is more likely that you’ll experience a tougher time recruiting new talents that are vital to your business's success. Therefore, it's crucial for business owners to understand that these days, they should relocate to a more prominent location for a higher employment rate.

Boost work-life balance

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Whether your team consists of all millennials or a mix of something in between, it's always a plus for them if their needs are just a few blocks away. It allows them to meet both their work and leisure needs, ensuring better employee satisfaction and productivity.
Being positioned at the heart of the city essentially means improving your employee's work-life balance by providing them quick access to modern amenities they want and need as well as making your company accessible to potential clients, investors, and other relevant parties.

Enhances your brand’s image

Small Offices To Rent, Warehouse Spaces For Rent

Moving into a well-known office in a high-traffic CBD area can be a sign of growth, which is expected to increase even more when your company is located at the heart of the city. 
The close proximity to other services and business lets your business be more visible to employees and interested partners who want convenient access to essential services and amenities for living and working. Besides catering to your employees, a simple change in your company's address in your business card, website, and other channels indicates that your brand is premium and successful. 

Premium and reputable offices at Keppel Road

Small Offices To Rent, Warehouse Spaces For Rent

Located near the vicinity of Tanjong Pagar and nearby Chinatown, Keppel 1557 is an opulent commercial building both inside and out. Equipped with 3 exclusive floors, all with high ceilings and full glass windows, it offers a stylish space to support your business needs and set up an office that vividly reflects your company's culture and image.
Besides its accessibility via CTE, multiple bus stops can be conveniently found around the area whilst the Tanjong Pagar MRT station just a few minutes’ walk away. F&B options and other recreation activities are also located in the nearby boutiques and shops found within Tanjong Pagar Plaza, AM, and other shopping malls.

Unit sizes start from 574 to 13,537 sqft, ideal for up-and-coming or existing businesses looking for a large and small office to rent within the CBD area. Our Keppel 1557 building offers an excellent location, provides multiple amenities, and a newly furnished establishment to support your business requirements. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more storage or industrial use - we also have alternatives like an industrial or warehouse space for rent. Get in touch for us to find a suitable fit for your business.

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