Keppel 1557 – Why A Convenient Office Matters

Keppel 1557 – Why A Convenient Office Matters
Fresh graduates or individuals looking for a mid-career switch on a job search will always look forward to a well-paid salary, healthy and conducive working environment, and a centralised and convenient location. As such, with regards to working conditions, it's important that you make sure that your office is fitted well. Most individuals are very much into a workplace located in an area that promotes an innovative culture that is at the same time convenient, which is precisely why setting up an office within the Central Business District (CBD) is a good investment.

At LHN Group, we not only offer cheap workshop rental, but our Keppel 1557 property is also able to provide office spaces for individuals looking to set up a business in a centralised location. It offers excellent convenience and a wide range of amenities, which helps in boosting employee experience greatly.

Read on below to understand the various benefits that you can enjoy should you move into an office space that is within the CBD area.

Flocked by promising job hunters

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Sooner or later, the entire workforce will be comprised of Millennials and Gen Z's. As a matter of fact, we are starting to see that transition happen every time a school year comes to a close and fresh graduates start to look for jobs. 

People who fall on both aforementioned generations usually head on over to jobs that are located in the CBD area because of its progressive yet convenient nature. Hence, by setting up an office in this location, you are ensuring a higher chance of enjoying an influx of promising job applicants who can be a great addition to your business. 

Actively promotes work and life balance

Small Offices To Rent, Warehouse Spaces For Rent
Ensuring an employee’s wellbeing is key to work productivity and staff satisfaction. As such, to make sure that the working environment is happy and healthy, businesses and companies should encourage a balance between life inside and outside of work. 

By having an office conveniently located in The Central of Singapore, employees are able to work in an area that is surrounded by establishments where they can unwind such as restaurants, gyms, parks, among others. Apart from that, having quick access to essential establishments such as groceries offers greater convenience to employees.

Recognition for your business is stronger

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Moving your office to the CBD area is helpful in making the general masses recognise your business more, since you are now located in a high-traffic area where a lot of people find themselves for different reasons. 

The fact that your office will be in the midst of essential businesses and services increases your business' visibility to people looking for a job, investors, and interested partners. On top of all that, making the bold but promising move to the CBD establishes your business as a progressive one which is an added benefit.

Convenient office spaces in Keppel Building

 Small Offices To Rent, Warehouse Spaces For Rent
Located within the CBD, specifically within the Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown area, our Keppel 1557 property has numerous office spaces to offer to businesses. This property is not only fitted with high-end amenities like high ceilings, cargo and passenger lifts, but is also near Cantonment MRT, Tanjong Pagar MRT and Outram Park MRT, making accessibility an added advantage for employees and possible business partners.

Starting with a unit that is sized at 574 sqft all the way to 13,537 sqft, you find an office unit that best meets your space needs. On the other hand, if you're looking for a place where you can store some of your business' assets or products, we also offer alternatives such as industrial spaces and warehouse space for rent. Contact us to find out more about our property or arrange for a viewing!

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