Interior Design Ideas for a Bigger Office Space

Interior Design Ideas for a Bigger Office Space

Office interiors are fast becoming an expression of a company’s philosophy and in fact, are one of many ways companies are trying to make a statement about their ethos and value system. Gone are the days of elaborate woodwork and extensive furniture, today’s offices are trying to be minimalistic in their style and utilitarian and sustainable in their design approach. Let us look at some of the latest trends in office design for 2021.

Use of natural light and air


Utilizing natural light and air according to the dynamics of the environment is gaining fast popularity among interior design for offices. Most offices now have full glass windows that let all the light in. Many industrial properties in Singapore are now designing their properties to support this design ideology. Apart from saving power costs for lighting, these arrangements are also helping companies earn some carbon credits.


To make optimum use of natural light there are few points to be kept in mind. 


  • It is best to let the light in and an open floor plan supports this the best.

  • Use wall colours according to the play of light. For example, inner walls that are the farthest from windows should be light-coloured to further enhance the lighting. 

  • Work timings for employees should be scheduled to make the most of daylight. 

  • Allowing direct sunlight can affect air conditioning efficiency. In such areas, the glass panes must be coated with films to reduce the heating effect of sunlight.

Open office


Organizations in the 21st century are trying to break hierarchies, create flat structures and encourage collaboration. Gone are the salutations of ‘Sir’ and ‘Madam,’ with colleagues of all ages interacting on a first-name basis today. A direct reflection of this change is the way offices are now designed. Instead of closed rooms and cabins, today’s top executives are promoting open-door culture and encouraging any employee to just walk without hesitation. Open offices with movable décor are also easy to relocate if you take a new commercial space for rent in Singapore. To create an open office design, you can: 


  • Use transparent glass walls for cabins and create cubicles with low partitions for easy communication among peers and an open atmosphere. 

  • Set up an open floor plan with a few large tables and chairs so that individual teams can sit and work together as and when needed.

  • Add standing tables for quick discussion among employees or for quick breaks.

Minimalist high-quality furniture


Considering the rising prices of Singapore commercial property, optimizing the use of space is one of the priority factors in designing offices. Many companies are moving from dedicated workstations for each employee to more open spaces where anyone can come and sit anywhere any day. The objective is to make the arrangements versatile yet chic. Modern, clean furniture without any ornate decoration is the trend of the day. Instead of ‘showing off’ the company’s buying power through expensive wooden furniture, the focus has shifted on furniture pieces that are utilitarian, purposeful, and durable. Modern furniture helps create more floor space, thus allowing open areas for new concepts like standing meetings, short celebrations, and better movement for employees. Today’s office furniture should be


  • Light and moveable/ easy to readjust 

  • Multifunctional 

  • Ergonomic 

A touch of green


Plants are known to have a calming effect and give a breath of fresh air (quite literally) to the seemly monotonous environment of a workplace. It is proven that having plants around increases productivity by up to 15% and improves the air quality and flow. Using plant pots as partitions and hanging plants from the ceiling are some of the ways to include plants without occupying any extra space. Many offices create what is called a ‘living wall,’ a whole wall done as a vertical garden with real plants. Plants like palms, succulents, and bamboo varieties that are low on maintenance and don’t need watering every day are best for indoor use in offices.

Local Art


Art pieces have always played an important part in the interiors of offices. Especially in finance-related organizations and law firms, rare art pieces not only reflect the owner’s taste in art but are also a part of their investment strategy. The role of art in office interiors today focusses more on supporting the local art community and tastefully curating art pieces that reflect the company’s ethos and complement the overall business strategy.


Art need not always be in the form of paintings. Today art can be in form of photographs, sculptures, or even modern creations that utilize unique elements. Art creations made of recycled material are the hottest trend in office décor. They not only reflect the company’s support for sustainability and environmental cause but are also unique and good icebreakers for business meetings. 


Based on your budget, location, and business requirements, it is a good to work with interior designers who understand your philosophy and can create an office space that your employees are happy to come to everyday.