Improve Your Warehouse Inventory Management System

Improve Your Warehouse Inventory Management System
The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has caused some delays and lapses in production and deliveries. As essential businesses continue to operate, it is crucial to ensure your products get to enter and leave the warehouse to reach your customers on time. 

With all the latest software systems and technology accessible to business owners, you don’t have to lag behind and continue having an outdated inventory system. It helps to control the flow and maintenance of inventory so you can access the right number of products available for order fulfillment. 

Here are some helpful tips you can implement to improve your inventory system when assessing your factory warehouse operations. 

Track moveable and fixed parts

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Ensure that you are using a decent tracking system to locate moving inventory. This includes everything from the little boxes to the big pallets and packages that are constantly moving around in the chain. Track everything through an easy tagging or labelling system in order to help you locate products easier. 

Similarly, it’s vital that you also track fixed warehouse assets. This will allow you to create space for storage as well as rearrange in-season inventory. Managing the destinations to which your moving parts will go to is just as important as managing the moveable units. 

Use technology

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Say goodbye to old ways and adapt to the times. Your inventory management system will be much more efficient if you adapt to a new technology system. Scanning printed labels is much easier to track and locate than having your employees do everything manually. It will reduce the rates for error and mistakes, improving efficiency. When you tag products, you’ll be able to track them from the supplier to the warehouse, and right up till it reaches your customers. 

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Track trending items

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When you look at your sales and orders, you will be able to identify popular items. Make sure that these items are situated in a storage area that is easily accessible for both pick-up and delivery. Keep on track with seasonal purchases and make sure that you adjust the layout and the placing of products accordingly. 

Reorganise your floor plan

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With advanced tracking and software capabilities, look into changing your floor plan. As demand and production change to keep up with current times, your storage plans might need to adapt too. Your business might go through notable changes that affect how products are handled and managed – change your floor plan to match the current model instead of getting stuck with an inefficient layout.

Having a decent inventory management system in place shouldn’t be underestimated. You can save time and money when you invest in high quality tracking software and if you’re willing to adapt your older system to a newer version. 

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