Identifying “Time Wasters” in Your Work Routine

Identifying “Time Wasters” in Your Work Routine

If you’re constantly working late, it’s important to take a second look at your daily routine. Like Jim Alampi, author of ‘The Execution Maximizer’, says, “You’d be shocked by how much unnecessary work you do each day.” In short, it’s not the workload that’s holding you back - it’s the little details that bog down your working hours. By removing these “time wasters”, you can maximise the hours spent at work, and free up personal time at the end of the day. Your employees will thank you as well!

  1. Meetings

We’ve all seen the infamous meme with the frustrated employee rolling her eyes because “the meeting could have just been an e-mail”. Although meetings may be a key way to touch base, it takes people away from their desks and interrupts thought flows. Simply listening to someone present for an hour may also be mind-numbingly boring and lower productivity levels for the rest of the day.

Here’s what you could do instead: e-mail the relevant parties directly and CC those who need to be kept in the loop but aren’t key to the project. Add a note that anyone who wishes to discuss the project may approach you in person.

2. E-mails

We’ve all been a part of e-mail threads that have dated back months with no conclusion. To avoid this, take a few minutes out of your day to talk to your colleague instead of politely debating an issue over e-mail.

The Guardian talks about how internal e-mails bog down most of an employee’s time. In fact, a survey by Halton Housing Trust found that out of 95,000 e-mails sent by a company in one week, 75,000 of those were internal - a great deal of digital clutter to cut down!

Instead of e-mailing back and forth, stop by a colleague’s cubicle, plan a working lunch or schedule a phone call to save yourself months of fruitless back and forth-ing.

If you’re so inclined, refrain from reading e-mails for the first hour of the day to boost your productivity. Instead, clear any actual work backlog you may have before you wade through the barrage of e-mails sitting in your inbox.

3. Social Media Distractors

Pew Research Center’s 2016 study on ‘Social Media and the Workplace’ unearthed a shocking number: almost 77% of employees confess to using social media at work for personal reasons. These online distractions are pervasive in many people’s daily routines and, as a business owner, you have to understand how this affects your business.  

Instead of considering them ‘distractions’, employers can schedule breaks so that employees can check and update social media. These breaks have been known to improve productivity by cutting down on wasted time, according to the Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index, a comprehensive report on workplace trends and productivity in the work environment.

Moreover, if employees are offered short breaks during work hours, they would also have the opportunity to implement a daily self-care routine to improve clarity and motivation - everyone wins!

4. Bills

Unexpected costs may be an unwelcome surprise when you run a small business. If you find yourself stressed and wading through a pile of bills at the end of the month, perhaps it’s time to look for a service provider that acts like a business partner instead.

What if you receive just one bill a month for your business rental and utilities? What if your marketing, logistics, advertising and e-commerce needs were all handled by the same entity you rent your space from?

At Work+Store Space, businesses are able to store their goods and work in the same space, cutting down on extra storage costs. Utilities are covered in the rent as well, providing you with just one bill each month - the fee you signed up for!

If you’re an independent interior and furniture designer, PickJunction provides multiple platforms for you to sell your products online or experience their quality before you make an informed purchase in designated centres in the Eunos area. PickJunction also provides an all-inclusive marketing, advertising, logistics and e-commerce package to ensure business owners have a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Each individual’s “time wasters” may be different - you may find that disorganisation or chatty employees are your biggest distraction. Whatever the factor may be - there are no excuses! Once you’ve identified your distractor, do something about it!

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