How Small Business Owners Can Maximise Their Time

How Small Business Owners Can Maximise Their Time
As a small business owner, you naturally have to balance many things: the business itself, your team, your budget, and expenditures, especially if you have a small office to rent

One of the more important resources that need management is your time. The moment you became the owner of a business venture also marks the beginning of you becoming strapped for time. Thus, it's crucial to know the best way to make the most of each second of your working day. If you're exploring and experimenting with different time management methods, check out the following tips. 

1. Plan thoroughly

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Planning is undoubtedly the key to getting things done, whether in your personal or work life. And for the latter, this activity is much more beneficial, especially for small-business owners. Proper planning ensures good time management, which also guarantees that things get done, and the business inches a step closer to its goals every week. 

When it comes to planning out your business week, there’s a couple of things to consider first before anything else. One of these is your priorities for the week. If you have any significant deliverables that need accomplishing, you should set aside most of your time working on them on the days leading to the deadline. 

Secondly, unexpected things do occur. Because unforeseen emergencies or opportunities can arise at any moment, don't forget to leave some leeway in your schedule so that you can tackle them accordingly. Note down the top priorities of each workday and keep them organised, such as in a to-do list, so that you don't forget anything important.

2. Keep tabs on your time

Small Offices To rent, Small Office For Lease

Make it a habit to track your time for each workday. This helps you stick to your schedule as closely as possible and prevents unnecessary inefficiencies or disruptions.

You can also use time management apps to increase your productivity in two ways. It allows you to stay focused on the task at hand at each given moment, while giving you a clear picture of which activities deviate from your time plans. This way, you will know which tasks are taking longer or shorter than expected. You can then readjust and optimise your time allocation for such activities and your daily plan overall.

Of course, getting a strategic location for your business also plays a role in helping you save time while getting to work each day. A prime location is not only highly accessible and convenient, but it also promotes a good impression on your business when clients come to visit. Our property at Cantonment Central offers offices and commercial spaces for rent near Tanjong Pagar MRT and the upcoming Cantonment MRT. Located at the fringe of CBD, this newly refurbished property has automated turnstiles at the lobby and full-height glass windows in all floors. At the 3rd level, tenants can take in the breathtaking sea view of the nearby container port. Ample food amenities can also be found within the vicinity. Unit sizes range from 281.05 sqft to 7,320.49 sqft – with aircon, full-height glass window, and ceiling height up to 6.6m, which can provide an optimal working environment for your business.

3. Be smart at delegating tasks

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Small business owners typically shoulder most of the tasks that keep a business running, from top priority tasks to more mundane but nonetheless essential matters. But as the business grows little by little, your time grows shorter in correlation to the growth. As such, you can no longer tend to every little matter, unlike before.

But with this growth also comes a rise of precious resources, namely new employees, cash flow, or both. Thus, it's best to make use of these resources to share the business’ work burdens so that you can focus on tackling the tasks that are of greater importance. Whether you delegate these low-priority projects to your employees or outsource them to professionals or freelancers, make sure that you give the job to the right man and enforce set deadlines for each.

4. Take breaks every now and then

Small Offices To rent, Small Office For Lease

Oftentimes, you will encounter difficult and complicated tasks or deliverables on your business journey. Tackling them won’t always be straightforward, and you will often be bogged down in your attempt at finding the perfect solution. This can often lead to wasting precious time without ever reaching a feasible result. Whenever you're in such situations, there's one thing that you can do to break free: literally take a break.

Although it sounds counterproductive, taking a break actually saves you time and results in greater productivity. By giving your mind some rest, you perform a mental reset that allows you to try a different angle at solving a problem and, sometimes, gain inspiration from unexpected sources.

Your business journey won’t always be smooth-sailing, but you can look forward to reaping the rewards after putting in the effort. When it’s time for your business to grow further, you will also need to expand your current office space to accommodate your growing team and operations. Our property at 34 Boon Leat Terrace offers ancillary offices that are also suitable for warehousing, especially for e-commerce businesses. Located at the fringe of CBD, this 6-storey warehouse is accessible via West Coast Highway and Pasir Panjang MRT station, just 10 mins away. The sizes of the units start from 368 sqft to 4,752 sqft – furnished with windows, lights, aircon and carpet. Other facilities include season parking for cars & heavy vehicles, 4 loading bays, and 24-hour access.

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