How E-Commerce Is Changing Warehouse Processes

How E-Commerce Is Changing Warehouse Processes
For decades, warehouses have been a key component for retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and other types of businesses as a place to store and ship inventory. As such, they are highly susceptible to changes in efficiency, productivity and the overall operations.

E-commerce has been growing over the last few years, but there was sudden spike in demand especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. From fulfilling multiple SKU orders to direct-to-consumer shipping, warehouses are confronted with various challenges to keep up with the demands. In order to thrive in the world of e-commerce, here are some of the ways your warehouse should respond and adapt.

Improving tracking capabilities

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If you haven’t upgraded your warehouse technology yet, getting things in the warehouse more trackable allows for easier monitoring and collection of data. Every product that comes in the warehouse, moves around, or goes out can be tracked instantly with the push of a button or a single scan. 

At any given time, nearly anyone within the organisation should be able to find out where a specific product in the warehouse is accurately. With improved tracking, this makes it easier to prevent product loss scenarios, thus keeping your warehouse more efficient in operations and reliable in providing more information to customers and suppliers.

Smarter storage and shipping

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With the e-commerce boom, people are placing orders quicker and expecting faster shipping times – especially when there are better shipping offers by competitors. If your warehouse stores more diverse ranges of products, this may complicate the problem to process and ship out products faster.

In response, many warehouses have implemented innovative new systems to make the process smoother. For example, in Amazon, the ‘chaotic’ storage system is the mode of efficiency where incoming products are placed on any available shelving space randomly to save time. While this sounds like chaos on the warehouse floor, order fulfillment is kept a breeze with robust technological tracking systems.

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Upgrade staff training

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Apart from the warehouse upgrades, there is also a need to step up your training efforts, allowing your warehouse employees to carry out their duties more effectively and efficiently. Implementing innovative storage processes and adopting better technology are only a part of the equation – your workers will need to stay up-to-date on the best practices and undergo regular training so they can maintain optimal productivity level in your warehouse.

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