Exploring Opportunities at Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru: Exclusive Interview with One of the Tenants

Exploring Opportunities at Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru: Exclusive Interview with One of the Tenants

Singapore's industrial property market has been thriving, attracting businesses from various sectors seeking to establish their presence in this global hub. Among the prominent locations, Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru stands out as a premier choice for ambitious enterprises. Conveniently located in the heart of Kallang, this modern industrial space for rent offers a dynamic ecosystem designed to foster growth and success.

We had the privilege of sitting down with the owner of BKK Bistro and Bar, one of the esteemed tenants at Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru. Join us as we delve into their experience and uncover the opportunities this remarkable space has to offer.

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Can you tell us a little bit about your business and the industry you operate in?

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We are a Thai restaurant that first started back in 2017 at ORTO in Yishun. Over the years, we have garnered a strong following, earning a reputation for serving authentic Thai food and being a go-to spot for satisfying suppers in the north. Now, we are thrilled to announce our first expansion in Singapore with the opening of our new outlet at Space 202 Kallang Bahru.

What were the top 3 factors that led you to choose Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru as your preferred industrial space for rent?

 top 3 factors that led you to choose Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru as your preferred industrial space for rent

When it comes to choosing a location for our new outlet, convenience played a crucial role in our decision-making process. One of the key advantages is the excellent transportation connectivity. Right at the entrance of Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru, multiple bus routes are available and Bendemeer MRT station is just a short 5-minute walk away, making it effortless for our customers to reach us. For those who prefer to drive, our location offers easy accessibility. The PIE is just one turn away and this accessibility allows our customers to indulge in authentic Thai cuisine with ease. 

Furthermore, being located within the vibrant and bustling W+S industrial development has proven to be advantageous for our brand. The presence of other businesses and establishments within the complex helps to attract our target audience. 

In addition to the strategic location, the facilities and amenities within the industrial property have been meticulously maintained. This ensures that our guests feel comfortable during their dining experience and make it easier for our partners and staff to load and unload supplies, contributing to the smooth operation of our restaurant.

In what ways does your new outlet at Space 202 Kallang Bahru differ from your ORTO location, and what can customers expect to experience at the new outlet?

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We understand the importance of comfort when enjoying a meal, which is why we have introduced air conditioning in our new outlet. Regardless of the weather outside, our customers can dine in a pleasant and comfortable environment, allowing them to fully savour the flavours of our authentic Thai dishes without any discomfort. 

Not only have we improved the ambience, but we have also taken the opportunity to refine our kitchen layout. Our skilled chefs have been working tirelessly to introduce fresh flavours and innovative creations that will tantalise the taste buds of our valued customers. Thanks to the expanded kitchen facilities at this industrial space for rent, we can now accommodate a wider variety of exciting recipes and new dishes. 

Which specific features or amenities at Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru have played a pivotal role in improving and optimising your business operations?

One of the standout features of Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru that has significantly contributed to the efficiency of our business operations is the well-planned accessibility for loading and unloading within the building. The design of the industrial property ensures that our suppliers and team members can easily and conveniently transport stocks without straining themselves or facing unnecessary obstacles. This streamlined process saves time and effort, allowing us to maintain a smooth flow of supplies and inventory.

What were some of the challenges you encountered during the process of finding a suitable industrial space for rent for your business?

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We wanted to look for locations that had a direct entry to our unit and allowed us to operate till late due to the nature of our business. Thankfully, Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru met all the requirements. 

With the customer's experience in mind, what do you anticipate to be the standout feature(s) at Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru that will greatly enhance and delight your customers?

One of the most remarkable aspects of our location at Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru is the perfect balance it strikes between proximity to the city centre and a serene ambience that is not overly bustling or overwhelming. Our customers can enjoy the convenience of being close to the heart of the city without feeling overwhelmed by the fast-paced environment. 

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