How to Design Your Commercial Office for a Modern Workspace

How to Design Your Commercial Office for a Modern Workspace
As offices begin to move towards a new normal, they aim create a welcoming environment for their workers, free from distractions. If you're looking to redesign your commercial office, it can be challenging to decide where to start. 

You may have a particular look in mind for designing your office space for rent in Singapore. There is no need to get overwhelmed with the different office styles and choices available. Making the right decision to design a modern, aesthetically pleasing, safe, hygienic, and functional workplace is a challenging task. Here are some tips for designing an overall office space that ensures the general well-being of your employees. 

Distinct Workspaces for Health and Wellness 

Nowadays, most modern offices are more than a room filled with desks and computers. So create break-out spaces which are not just a place to chill out or eat lunch but can actually be used for a quick huddle or team round-up to aid productivity. Try to design them as fun and creative as possible for a cooler, more modern environment. 

You can place design features such as stairs or shared resources, like printers and trash bins, in the centre of the workspace. Use interior walls made of glass to maximise natural light in your workspace. You can also use circadian lighting and ergonomic furniture. Create areas with noise reduction through modular dividers, ceiling panels, sound-absorbing walls and cubicles. 

The Ceiling as a Standout Design Element 

The ceiling design is significant for every room on every floor and for every person in an office. It also enhances the aesthetic expression of your organisation. Therefore, selecting suitable ceiling materials is essential, whether it is for the front lobby or the corridors, the conference rooms or executive spaces. 

If you are designing a new office or renovating an existing space, consider raising the ceilings. Raised or elevated ceilings create the perception of spaciousness wherever they are used. They also provide more natural light and ventilation and more space for wallboards or decorations.

Multi-Functional Space without Functional Disconnection

New modern office spaces allow diverse work environments. For example, you can create separate places for quiet work, areas for socialization, and places for collaboration. Similarly, develop other sections for quiet places to rest the brain, do focused work, and just have some minutes to yourself. This structure also allows your workers to be connected visually, even within their own space boundaries. 

Open office designs have been prevalent for years. But now it’s time to ditch the plexiglass panels for more aesthetically pleasing solutions. Instead, you can add wall panels to create partitions between workspaces while still creating the same level of comfort and protection.

Choose a sophisticated colour palette 

The colour of our surroundings can impact the moods of our workers. For example, soft, muted colours have a different effect than bold, vibrant ones. Natural colours like green and blue are known to improve efficiency and focus. On the contrary, warmer or brighter colours inspire innovative thinking. 

You can choose what kind of work will be done in the office space and match that with the right colour. Also, ensure that the colours line up with your company brand. Generally, "white" comes to mind when thinking of modern office design. However, a trend is emerging among office designers to use energetic colours like orange, blue, and green in strategic ways in your office, based on the fact that people respond to colour emotionally.

Prioritize technology

It is a well-known fact that the availability of technology has an impact on productivity. You can allow your productivity to flourish by prioritising technology in your commercial office design. The type of investment you will do in technology will also impact your office structure. Your office design process starts by identifying the employee needs and provisioning the required equipment and furniture, including technology, to create as productive a space as possible 

For example, reduce the effect of reverberations and noise through acoustic ceilings and use devices on a wireless network with wireless charging solutions, recessed power outlets and Bluetooth headsets. 

Use collaboration tools like digital whiteboards, wireless projectors, presentation monitors, touchscreen displays, and cloud-based group apps. Also, when choosing the equipment for your modern office space, provide support for a wide variety of devices. This is because some of your team members may prefer to work on a desktop, while others may prefer to work on laptops or tablets. Ensure a seamless transition from one device to the other for uninterrupted work performance.

Choose the right material 

Choosing the right material for your office space and furniture is crucial to its aesthetics. Consider a material that creates a great visual impact, holds up firmly for a long time, and can be cleaned properly. 

Glass is an excellent choice for small office spaces. It keeps things visually light and, at the same time, provides functional space. On the other hand, metal is a durable option and is handy for sterile spaces and for those areas you want to keep modern. Undoubtedly, wood is a classic choice that adds stability to a space and an element of visual warmth. It also feels more natural than glass or steel. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right commercial office rental in Singapore and designing it in the best manner possible can be tricky. But with the right suggestions and tips, you can add charm to your office space and build an environment conducive to the productivity and efficiency of your workers. 


The suggestions mentioned above are purely for personal artistic expression. It is advisable to check with your landlord or operator to be sure of the designs or their alterations permissible in the office unit before implementing any of them.