Debunking 4 Common Myths About Warehouse Automation

Debunking 4 Common Myths About Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation has come to the forefront in recent years in various industries, as more businesses are seeing how it has helped to transform processes and meet the ever-changing and growing customer demand.

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But despite the positive impact of warehouse automation and how industry experts are pushing for more to embrace it, there are still myths surrounding the strategies.

Hence, if you are looking for a warehouse for rent in Singapore and planning on incorporating automation into the space, knowing the truth about these myths is crucial.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Only large businesses need warehouse automation

You may think that only large businesses require and will benefit from warehouse automation, but this is far from the truth. Smart solutions can enhance processes and improve employee productivity for businesses of any scale, and sometimes more so for smaller companies.

For instance, robotics can help to reduce physical strain on workers and automate repetitive operations, giving small business owners and employees more time to devote to tasks and goals that really matter.

When looking for a warehouse for rent, keep a lookout for one with sufficient space that can house all the smart technologies and systems your business will need.

2. Warehouse automation will increase unemployment rates

It is common for companies to start worrying about workers losing their jobs when warehouse automation is incorporated, but the reality is that AI and humans can work hand in hand.

For example, warehouse workers are prone to fatigue and sometimes injuries, but robots can help to reduce the strain on them. Meanwhile, workers are still necessary to repair and maintain these robots to prevent frequent breaks down. Other smart technologies such as the Internet of Things can make monitoring employees and equipment easier, but will still require someone to manage and make improvements to the systems.

Thus, there is no need to fret about higher unemployment rates - go ahead to look for a suitable warehouse space for rent that will meet your automation needs.

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3. Warehouse automation is expensive

It is undeniable that warehouse automation will require a sizeable investment at the start, but these smart technologies and equipment will also help to streamline processes to reduce costs in the long run.

Automated strategies are not short-term solutions; other than just reducing costs, they can also help businesses plan their budgets better with increased efficiency and productivity, and less reliance on manual processes and labour.

If you have decided on a warehouse space for rent, the next step is to consider the automated solutions your business will need.

4. Warehouse automation will take up more space

With the right course of action such as expanding vertically and utilising mezzanines, small warehouses can be transformed into space-finite ones that are able to cater to all your needs.

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As such, even if you have chosen a small warehouse for rent in Singapore, there should not be a problem for your business to incorporate automated solutions.

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