7 Businesses That Can Benefit From Flexible Space

7 Businesses That Can Benefit From Flexible Space
Flexible-sized commercial rental and industrial space for rent are a trend of late, and for all the right reasons. They provide spaces that can be utilized for various business purposes - be it storage and distribution of goods or office needs. You get ample space to conduct client meetings and get a comfortable set-up for official operations. With the growth of many small businesses, flexible-sized units are the need of the hour. They provide temporary spaces per your request for short-term leases. As the business grows, you need to have space to accommodate your team. These spacious flexible units thus, fulfil the various requirements of entrepreneurs, being ideal places for setting up an office for ease of operation.

Here are 7 businesses that can benefit from flexible-sized spaces in Singapore.

1.  E-commerce – The e-commerce business has been some of the most successful over the past few years, with a notable increase in demand for goods through online stores. To meet such market needs, one requires a conducive office space for rent that can be used as a distribution centre as well. Thus, well-equipped flexible units can be of great help in boosting business efficiency.

2. Ancillary industry - Auto Spare Part sales is another business option that can utilize flexible units. Cars and other automobiles sell very well locally and require regular servicing at regular intervals. One may consider utilizing flexible units as a service centre and retailer that sells auto spare parts. With a good storage capacity and commercial office, you can run a business with various automobile industry partners and get going.

3. Fitness centre – The concept of wellness and mindfulness is becoming increasingly important these days, and many are turning to gym workouts to keep their fitness goals in check. As socialising is one of the highest motivating factors to join and visit a gym, these places must be spacious to accommodate the growing number of consumers. Also, many gyms take up the sale of fitness products and edible formulations. Some of the higher-end gyms have well-equipped properties with serene surroundings and in-house refreshment centre that can lure many customers to sign up.

4. Laundry and dry-cleaning services - A local laundry service requires an office from where it can carry out its services smoothly. These services are engaged by hotels, restaurants, hospitals and many other places. From expensive dresses, uniforms to heavy fabrics, all can be washed or dry-cleaned. All that is needed for such a business is a good team, apt marketing strategies and spacious rooms. Finding such commercial properties for rent in Singapore for operating laundry services business is not much difficult. The accessibility, proximity to workplaces and residential areas can make your business grow highly successful in a short span of time.

5. Tech start-ups – Faced with volatile demand in the rapidly evolving technology sector, the growth of most tech start-ups has been quite unpredictable. However, a well-equipped flexible space can help in reducing your worries to a large extent. Whether you want to scale up due to a rise in demand or scale down due to some unforeseen event like the pandemic, where work from home is preferred by many employees. Such adjustments can be efficiently made in a flexible commercial unit.

6. Courier delivery services- This business demands the responsibility of the entire team and a good space for storage of deliverables. You can have more than a couple of members in your team or start off all on your own. With basic amenities such as 24x7 security, ample storage space and speedy wi-fi service, you can carry out your business processes. Flexible property spaces provide utilization of space in several ways - client meetings, reception of parcels, their processing, storage and delivery to the given addresses. It may be located within a well-connected marketplace or residential area, depending on what is suitable for your budget and requirements.

7. Pharmaceuticals - Constant research and development in the field of medicine have led to the rise in the pharmaceutical industry. Novel drugs are being designed, tested, and then exported at a large scale to retailers and hospitals. A good spacious, commercial space can be utilized as a drug distribution centre.  One may propel a successful business partnership with conglomerates in the drug industry. Proper power supply, good flooring, storage capability, security arrangements, air-conditioned rooms and a strategic location can also boost your business.

Business opportunities in Singapore are plentiful, and it is never too late to take the leap of faith and leverage them. You can dream to achieve big goals. Well-equipped flexible spaces provide you with the much-needed tractability to the changing market demands as you start a business, allowing for your company to grow and succeed. A flexible unit provides much space and thus, allows you to continue your business operation from your office with a fast-growing team.