5 Ways Technology Is Transforming Warehouses For The Better

5 Ways Technology Is Transforming Warehouses For The Better

Technology is ever-changing and improving, impacting not just how we lead our day-to-day life but also how businesses are operated. Warehouses, in particular, have benefited greatly from embracing technology, helping them to offer quick and error-free deliveries for optimum customer satisfaction.

Apart from enhancing efficiency, technology has also transformed warehouses for the better in many other ways.

Keep reading to find out how technology can support your business and encourage agile operations, especially if you are looking for warehouse space for rent.

1. Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of connected devices and technology that facilitate communication between gadgets and the cloud. These devices are commonly referred to as “smart devices” and Amazon Alexa and Google Nest are some examples you are probably familiar with.

But for warehouses, IoT will naturally have to work on a bigger scale to meet the demand. For instance, an IoT-enabled warehouse can reduce the workload of your employees when smart shelves and sensors locate an asset in seconds instead of waiting for a worker to do so manually.

IoT sensors can also monitor employees and equipment to ensure help is rendered swiftly in the event of an injury or to prevent expensive assets from getting stolen.

Hence, when looking for a warehouse for rent in Singapore, make sure to find a space that is big enough so that these smart devices and technology can be installed for your business to reap the benefits.

Internet of Things Warehouse for rent in Singapore

2. Warehouse robots

Consider jumping on the robotics bandwagon, like what Amazon Robotics has done - it develops machinery and software to optimise efficiency in fulfilment centres using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Robots do not necessarily have to be incorporated into warehouses to replace employees, but can assist in augmenting the work of humans so that processes become more efficient. These robots can pick, pack and move packages (albeit with human supervision), reducing physical strain on workers to improve their morale and keep them motivated in return.

When looking for an industrial warehouse for rent, it is important to check that the space and owner allow the use of such robotics before proceeding.

3. Smart technologies

Utilising smart technologies can help warehouses reduce energy consumption, cut down on waste and lessen carbon emissions. For example, switching to renewable energy can decrease a warehouse's carbon footprint while minimising the energy requirements of the space helps to save money at the same time.

Remember to consider if the warehouse for rent you are looking at is a suitable space for these smart technologies to be employed.

Warehouse for rent in Singapore RFID labels and barcode scanners

4. RFID labels and barcode scanners

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication that uses electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling to identify a unique object in a warehouse. Pair RFID labels with handheld devices like barcode scanners to remove the need for manual counting, improving efficiency, preventing theft and reducing the chances of inventory loss simultaneously.

However, sufficient space is needed to house printers to churn out RFID labels and barcode scanners for inventory management. Thus, remember to take this into consideration when searching for a suitable industrial warehouse for rent.

5. Big data

Last but not least, big data plays an important role in warehouse management too. A big data system is designed to collect and sort large volumes of complex data to help businesses make sensible decisions.

Customisable algorithms can identify patterns and even predict possible future issues so that warehouse managers are able to rectify and mitigate problems. This prevents unnecessary downtime that would have otherwise resulted in losses.

Warehouses for rent in Singapore

Warehouses for rent in Singapore

Now that you have a clearer understanding of how various technologies support warehouses and their operations, it is also time to look for a suitable industrial warehouse for rent for your business.

With the right space, your business will be able to incorporate these technologies into the warehouse to bring your company to greater heights.

Keep a lookout on the LHN Space Portal for available warehouses for rent and you might just find something that ticks all the boxes.

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