5 Reasons Why Having An Office Space Still Matters

5 Reasons Why Having An Office Space Still Matters
It’s been a year of unprecedented challenges and changes. On the business front, working from home and collaborating virtually have become the norm. This raises the realisation of how important the workplace remains to be and everything that it offers.

The office is more than just a place to work. It’s where growth and innovation are fostered, and people have a sense of community with access to resources to be truly productive. There are also countless of other benefits to having a physical space that brings people together – we explore 5 reasons below.

1. Collaboration

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This is a crucial business behaviour that is linked to innovation and growth. Using sticky notes to brainstorm, building on each other’s ideas, and exploring concepts through discussion help to solidify creative solutions. 

When employees are able to work together and have the opportunity to share, they can learn from each other and expand their skill sets as they pool their own strengths. At the same time, having collaboration in place is effective in improving communication and building trust within teams. 

2. Connection

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On that same note, working from home can also lead to isolation and loneliness over time, despite the availability of virtual conferencing platforms. Without the physical interaction and support that teams and group work provide, people can easily feel disconnected and disengaged. This decreases employee satisfaction, which will increase your retention rate and impact your ability to fill the talent pipeline and identify future leaders. With an office space, you get to create meaningful connections that can serve you in the long run.

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3. Culture

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Whether it’s having lunch with co-workers or spontaneous desk discussions, the collective behaviours and norms of a company, from both employees and leaders, create an environment that’s ripe for relationship building and teaching – something that cannot be replicated through a screen.

It’s also easier to build a community and nurture important relationships to engage talent and strengthen teams while sharing a space with one another.

4. Agility

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While online platforms and similar technology provide the necessary infrastructure to support the communication between teams, there are downsides to it too. Constant screen use can lead to fatigue and even reduced productivity. There is still no real substitute for face-to-face communication. And as ideas evolve, teams need to adapt quickly and come together in ways due to their fast-paced, ever-changing work – and the two-dimensional world may hinder agile work.

5. Growth

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Covid-19 has hit the economy hard, leaving companies struggling to survive and protect their business from sinking. But the pivot back to growth is impending, and companies need to be ready for growth. This requires innovation for leaders to adapt and change strategies, teams to come together and collaborate with creative ideas, and set the stage for growth. Having a physical workplace promotes these innovative activities and connections more than two-dimensional technology is able to provide.

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