5 Practical Ways To Maximise Space When Renting A Warehouse

5 Practical Ways To Maximise Space When Renting A Warehouse
5 Practical Ways To Maximise Space When Renting A Warehouse | Space Resource

Space constraint is one of the biggest concerns many people have when looking for a warehouse for rent in Singapore. While upgrading to a bigger warehouse could be a solution, it may not always be the best alternative due to high rental costs. 

Luckily, there are some tried and tested ways to maximise warehouse space without expansion to improve efficiency yet decrease costs in the long run. 

Keep reading to find out what they are. 

1. Expand vertically

If space expansion by moving to a larger warehouse is out of the question, then creating more space vertically is one of the ways to consider. 

There are various racking systems like adjustable pallet racking and long-span shelving that will create more storage space. Each system serves different purposes and has different benefits, so it is important to evaluate what your business needs before searching for warehouse space for rent to ensure your choice of racking system is suitable and can be used. 

Utilise mezzanines warehouse for rent in Singapore

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2. Utilise mezzanines

Looking to expand usable floor space without having to move to a different warehouse? Mezzanines may just be what your business needs - they create semi-permanent intermediate floors between the warehouse’s ground and ceiling so that there is additional floor space. 

These completely new floors can be used as storage space or transformed into offices, while providing employees with an easier way to move around the warehouse without disrupting operations happening on the ground floor. 

Take note that the warehouse for rent you decide to go with should have a ceiling height of at least 4.2m to allow both a mezzanine and a functioning area below it. 

3. Reduce aisle width

Another solution for maximising space is to reduce aisle width, especially since forklift designs have evolved over the years and they now require less space to manoeuvre between aisles. Freeing up more floor space is a great alternative to moving to a bigger warehouse. 

However, there is no precise measurement as every business is unique - remember to check that the equipment used in your warehouse is able to run smoothly even between narrow aisles to prevent unnecessary downtime. 

Clean up your floor warehouse for rent in Singapore

4. Clean up your floor

Next, keep your floor free of debris and clutter. Remove unused equipment that is taking up precious floor space and evaluate if unused pallets can be recycled rather than kept in your warehouse. 

Eliminating obsolete inventory is also crucial, as they often take up more space than you would have imagined. 

This also means saving on rental costs because by simply keeping your floor space neat and clutter-free, there is no need to look for large warehouse space for rent

5. Consider offsite storage

If the previous few ways of maximising space in the warehouse did not resonate with you, then an alternative would be to consider offsite storage. 

While this adds to your rental costs, one thing for sure is that you will be able to keep all your additional stocks without having to make the difficult decision of getting rid of them. This can be especially important if your business deals with expensive products or provide temporary storage for customers, like a furniture store. 

Warehouse space for rent near you

Warehouse space for rent near you

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