5 Factors to Consider Before Selecting Office Space for Your Business

5 Factors to Consider Before Selecting Office Space for Your Business
As a business owner, the office space you choose for your business is incredibly important. Office spaces can impact your daily operations and even your staff morale, but also your brand image. For many professionals, their office is their second home as they spend most of their waking hours working there. Finding the perfect office space for rent can be an overwhelming task for your business for these reasons. 

Do you want to find the ideal office space for your company to thrive? Check out the 5 significant factors discussed below before choosing your office space.

Location & Nearby Amenities Available 

The location should be placed at the top of your search list when looking for a suitable office space for rent. It is one of the most important factors on which your office success depends. The right location also ensures you get exposure to potential clients. 

Accessibility matters when we consider location. Your clients and employees should also get to the office on time without hassles if public transports are nearby within the office area. Commuting to the office should also not become a daily struggle. Think about the neighbourhood security and what’s close to the office. 

Aside from looking at location, getting a commercial office for rent in Singapore becomes convenient if carpark lots, foods and amenities are within your reach. It will be another plus point if it has adequate green surroundings as well.

Unit Size 

The office unit size is also another crucial factor to take note of. You need to find an office space that fits your team size. However, if you plan to expand within your lease tenure, your office space should have a few extra cubicle spaces to add a few desks. 

For example, there should be enough space for conference rooms, lounge areas, cafeterias, and communal areas. Also, internet services and telephone and postal connectivity should be easily present in the area without frequent disruption of services. 

Leasing Terms and Conditions 

As a business owner, you need to rent an office space that meets your needs amenity-wise and is big enough to accommodate your growth. Visit your office space before you finalize the lease agreement. Be aware of your lease terms and conditions. Ensure that basic facilities like water and electricity are well established before you shift. Discuss any hidden costs in the lease like maintenance, parking fee, etc. and be aware of the exact rent amount you need to pay at the month-end. 

You also need to be aware of any provisions in the lease agreement for an early exit. You should be comfortable with any fees or other penalties if something changes during your lease.

Technology Provisions 

You should know your business needs inside and out to narrow down your office space options quickly. You should make a note of what tools, equipment and peripherals you need for the number of employees you have. The space to accommodate your equipment and employees should be adequate. 

Most businesses need internet connectivity to function. Before choosing an office space for rent, find out if it is equipped with internet connectivity. It is crucial to have a fast and consistent internet connection to avoid uninterrupted productivity. Make sure that there are sufficient provisions for installing projecting equipment and furniture. Office meeting rooms should be designed to suit requirements for your client meetings, business presentations, workshops, and training programs.

Aesthetic Design 

If you have business plans to become an established brand, you need to find an aesthetically designed office building with an appropriate layout. Remember, an office can be a fantastic branding tool as it sends your business message to others. If you choose a dilapidated building, it could tell clients about a struggling business. Lavish office space for your first office could give the clients an idea of over-spending or over-charging. 

To add on, you should know what you’re allowed to customize without paying extra. Most commercial rentals in Singapore would not prefer you completely changing their buildings or knocking down walls. Before you sign anything, know what you can change without being charged for damages. 

On a Final Note 

We offer some curated advice on the important factors to note before renting an office space, how you could match your business needs. Even if you are a start-up or a prominent brand, our office space for rent such as 1557 Keppel can provide you with a range of options to choose from. These office spaces are designed and constructed exclusively keeping in mind the modern-day requirement of businesses. 

Our office spaces carve an impression of business success and inspiration. With contemporary designs and convenient amenities, these office spaces provide ample opportunities for your employees to become creative and productive. We hope this article will help you in prudently making the critical decision of choosing the right office space for your business to help your business thrive.