4 Ways To Improve Logistics With Customer Service

4 Ways To Improve Logistics With Customer Service
Whether you have brick-and-mortar storefronts, selling products through e-commerce or working B2B, logistics play a key in keeping pace with customer demand. Without an efficient supply chain, you may have a tougher time meeting order fulfilment which can lead to friction and unsatisfied customers.

Customer service can enhance logistics by making the process more transparent and adding more value to the customer experience. Today’s supply chain function has evolved to be a lever for business performance and needs to adapt to changeable customer expectations. Learn more how you can use these customer service tips to enhance the logistics process for your business.

1. Provide supply chain visibility

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Transparency can go a long way in helping your business establish trust with customers. Start fostering this relationship with supply chain visibility that shows your customers the steps that went into creating your product and delivering it to their front door.

Making this information accessible is important because it informs customers the complete story of your product – the more they know about your business, the more comfortable they can feel working with you. For instance, if you are an eco-friendly company, you might to share with customers whether your product is organic or sourced sustainably. It could play a role in their purchasing decision to buy your product.

2. Share real-time updates

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In deliveries, timing is everything. While a late delivery should be avoided as much as possible, nothing can be more frustrating than not being alerted to the delay ahead of time. As such, providing real-time updates can be a great solution. Send a text message or email about the delay to your customer so they can be well-aware and know when to expect their order. Or better yet, provide real-time tracking where they can check on the progress of their package and contact customer support easily regarding any delays.

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3. Invest in a customer service software

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You can always rely on technology to make your business operate faster and more efficiently. Having a customer service software can make all the difference to help achieve a pleasant logistics experience. Whether it’s through an app or website, you can adopt an automated system to communicate the shipping process to your customers. They have the opportunity to know when to expect their delivery and have the option to rate the delivery experience or write a review once it arrives. This can help improve the customer experience as it positively reflects that you are invested in the delivery process.

4. Be reliable

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With new customers in e-commerce, there might be some initial doubts regarding their purchase since they can’t physically see the item until it gets delivered to their doorstep. This is where having good brand reputation comes in, especially when it comes to logistics. If new leads can see that you are constantly gaining positive feedback regarding product quality and shipping times, they will be more likely to purchase from your website.

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