4 Tips To Improve Remote Working Productivity

4 Tips To Improve Remote Working Productivity
Amid the recent COVID-19 outbreak, remote work has been on the rise. While it is not entirely a foreign concept, some employees and business owners had to adapt to the changes in their work environment. Fortunately, with the latest advancements in technological tools, people get to experience first-hand how remote work can be possible for them.

There is one common concern among people working remotely – can you remain as productive as in the office? According to Stanford University, a two-year study showed there is an increased productivity among telecommuters that is equivalent to a full day’s work, as compared to their in-office peers. 

However, it does require ample amounts of discipline to tackle telecommuting. Take a look at the productivity tips below to help you achieve success in your remote working arrangement.

1. Create a schedule and follow it

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Working from home puts you in more control of your day – you tend to have a more fluid structure to your day as compared to a traditional office setting. Maintain the same work schedule as you did before when you went into the office. Put together a “heading to work” routine in the morning to keep you mentally prepared for the work day and make you more alert. This will also help you draw a line between the professional part of your day from the personal so you can keep your attention focused.

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2. Set a to-do list and prioritise

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Keeping a to-do list can help in your productivity. Without the hierarchical framework present in a traditional office setting, it can be challenging to prioritise tasks and keep your workflow organised. Write down the tasks that you wish to accomplish daily so you won’t be hopping from one project to another. Stay in touch with your team so you can keep track of any deadlines – communication is critical especially when everyone is working remotely.

3. Put together your workstation

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Have the right tools by your side to maximise productivity at home. Your workstation is where you will be spending a lot of time on – so make it count by investing in the right equipment. You might be working from your dining room or kitchen table, but having a comfortable ergonomic chair can make a difference in supporting your concentration instead of distracting you with any discomfort and aches. You can also switch between sitting and using a standing desk to keep you alert and alleviate any aches on your back. Likewise for the office, keep your work area at home streamlined and uncluttered.

4. Establish a sustainable work-life balance

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Define your boundaries at home so you won’t risk burning out. Avoid working in areas that are dedicated to relaxation, such as your lounge chair or bed. If possible, set aside a corner of your home to be your workspace so you can establish clear boundaries between home and work mode. Once your allotted work hours are over or you stepped aside to take a break, leave work behind symbolically. Set up “do not disturb” mode on your communication devices and switch off your laptop. This will provide a firm compartmentalisation of your home and work schedule. Otherwise, if the line between the two of them blurs, you might find it harder to relax and also get work done efficiently.

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