4 Signs Your Small Business Is Ready To Scale Up

4 Signs Your Small Business Is Ready To Scale Up
Growth can be a risky proposition. Without proper planning or insight, it’s all too easy to fall behind on sales, make cash flow mistakes and struggle with customer service. On the other hand, expanding at the right moment allows you to reap major rewards. So, how can you know when your small business is ready to scale? Here are a few signs to take note of.

1. Positive cash flow

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Money is always a great indicator to reflect where your company stands. But it’s one thing to generate a profit, and another to see how you’ve been able to sustain profitability over a period of time. 

Growing your profits also means you can create a positive cash flow for your business that can help when it’s time to scale, since your business costs will naturally increase, and it will take a while before you start seeing the returns.

Use your current cash situation to plan and project future revenue and expenses so you can be well-prepared for unexpected setbacks. This also helps reduce the risk of your growth efforts sending you to cash problems.

2. Demand is exceeding capacity

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It’s a good sign to see if your products are selling well, but if you are constantly faced with more orders than you can fulfil, then it may be time to think about how to boost your production and meet customer demands. This can mean increasing your inventory and getting a bigger storage warehouse.

While it’s great that you’re offering something that is in demand, you want to be sure that it is still sustainable. If your business is seasonal or only benefits the most from holiday sales, then it may not be the right time to start scaling.

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3. Strong core team

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Your small business is only as strong as the people who help run it. It’s important that you have a team that’s adept at handling problems and committed to helping you execute the goals in your business.

Scaling and expansion come with challenges and stress, so you need to be able to trust and have the confidence in the ability of your team to handle the tasks. Of course, too much stress and pressure can lead to burnout – always look for opportunities to hire new talent and avoid employee dissatisfaction so everyone can put in their best efforts.

4. Proper infrastructure in place

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Without having efficient systems, attempting to grow a business can set you up for failure instead. For instance, knowledge-sharing tools can help onboarding new employees stay updated on the company processes. Building an internal database of information also ensures your business continues to run smoothly.

If there is a massive influx of sales, your team can refer to internal procedures on how to handle and process each order correctly. By putting workflows in place, it keeps your company organised and more prepared to face the challenges of expansion.

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