4 Cash Flow Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

4 Cash Flow Mistakes That Small Businesses Make
Starting a new business takes time, and plenty of cash flow. Once you’re finally up and running, expect to rely on your funding and capital before you can come close to turning a profit. 

Making smart financial decisions is key to getting your business to a positive cash flow point. Otherwise, poor cash flow management can be detrimental to your business – many studies have pointed that start-ups and small businesses fail and cease operations due to inadequate cash flow.

Here are some of the common cash flow mistakes that small business owners make.

1. An overestimation of future sales volumes

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Many successful entrepreneurs share a key trait: relentless optimism, which is critical to help one persevere in the face of so many obstacles. But it is also important to turn to objective and realistic forecasting based on real numbers and historical evidence. Use actual past revenue data as a foundation for tracking trends and anticipating future sales. This can help you overcome unrealistic expectations, for instance, when you expect sales volumes to double over the holiday period.

Revenue forecasting can be challenging during the initial stages of business since you don’t have much past sales figures to work with. You can use past revenue data from other businesses in your industry, along with some objective intuition, to help you come up with realistic future sales projections.

2. Spending too much during start-up phase

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Starting a business involves plenty of expenses, from facilities to equipment, furniture and staff – but they should be clearly beneficial for your business’ profitability in measurable ways. If your small business deals with goods, make sure to monitor your inventory. This will help you manage your cash flow and prevent from over-purchasing items.

Create a realistic budget and keep track of how much money you’re spending and how much you’re saving. Take note of every expense as well, and consider the cost-benefit of it. You should also calculate when you plan for your business to break even – whenever any unexpected expenses or opportunities for spending come, go back to your projections and calculate how the purchases will delay your break-even point.

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3. Inconsistent review of accounts receivable

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Unpaid invoices from clients can affect a steady cash flow and hit small businesses hard. If payments are falling behind, take immediate steps to speed up the collection process as this can drain your working capital, especially when it’s tied up in receivables.

Create an internal timeline of procedures to determine when you will send the initial invoice, payment reminders and make collections phone calls if past invoices are not paid yet.

4. Not keeping a reserve of cash

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Facing hiccups in your cash flow is a business reality, no matter how many safeguards you have in place to protect your company’s cash. Try to maintain an account balance that’s equivalent to at least two months of operating expenses – so, if you experience any emergencies or when sales take a dip, you have reserves in place to protect your business.

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