3 Ways To Make Customers Love Your Small Business

3 Ways To Make Customers Love Your Small Business
What buyers are looking for today is a memorable customer experience – so it’s no longer enough to simply produce a good product or provide a great service. Nurturing relationships with your customers is an essential component in growing a successful business.

As a result of poor customer experience, about 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor. It’s quite clear that you will need to solidify the relationship with your customers and build loyalty. With these tips below, you take these action steps to get people interested and fall in love with your small business.

Build on trust

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Just like any relationship, the relationship between your business and your customers requires trust. If a customer cannot count on your small business to deliver great customer service and meet their expectations, then the trust is lost. 

Similarly, be proactive when it’s time to address customer complaints, enquiries and negative feedback. This provides the opportunity to resolve challenges without losing the customer and build a long, fruitful relationship.

Fulfilling their orders in an accurate and timely manner is one of the ways to ensure you can start developing trust with your customers. To help you manage your inventory and plan your order fulfilment process, getting the right warehouse space is crucial. Our property at 38 Ang Mo Kio offers warehouses for rent located within 3 connected buildings with multiple levels and a corporate frontage. It has good accessibility via CTE as well as a feeder bus service to Ang Mo Kio MRT station right at the gate. More buses can also be found minutes away from the main road. Apart from the standard capabilities found in a general B1 industrial building, it also provides in-house products like lockers, self-storage, weekend marketplace, and event hall for rental. Units start from 4,903 to 6,225 sqft with 4.5m ceiling height and 2.5kN/m2. Other facilities include 3 cargo lifts, 4 passenger lifts, and season parking. For entrepreneurs who need small business offices for rent, our subsidiary Work+Store provides storage and processing units that come with all-inclusive amenities for a conducive work environment.


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This might be the most important piece of the puzzle. As customers, they want to feel like your business knows and understands what their needs and wants are. This means engaging with them in a meaningful way. Rather than using buzzwords to describe your products or services, use storytelling to get into the hearts and minds of customers.

For instance, if you’re selling handmade candles, go beyond just sharing the ingredients and scents. Include a description that specifies how incredible the candle will smell and make your customers feel on a relaxing Sunday afternoon or a tiring weeknight for them to de-stress and unwind.

Get to know your audience first so you can adjust your communications to fit their needs and habits. Make sure you are reaching them on the right channels, like social media or email, that they are spending most of their time on. Another way to personalise is by sending a simple thank you note to establish a connection – this will go a long way in leaving a positive and lasting impact on your brand.

Deliver convenience

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Amid the busy lifestyles and schedules today, making your customers’ lives more convenient will make a big difference in how they feel about your brand. Start with learning how your products and services are helping customers address their needs and challenges. Use the understanding in your messaging as you communicate with customers. Can they pick up their order in your warehouse? Does the delivery have specific time slots they can choose?

Convenience is also about making it easier for your customers to engage with you and make a purchase. In your e-commerce site, make sure it is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly so they can browse on the go. If you have frequent cart abandonment issues, find out how you can recover these lost sales. Make it easy for them to reach out to your business quickly for any questions that they have.

Of course, your shipping process should also be easy and efficient so they can achieve a sense of convenience when they shop with your business. Start with getting the right space and location for your warehousing activities. Our property at Space @ Tampines offers units suitable for B1 warehouse and B2 clean purposes, with access via TPE and PIE to help you plan your delivery routes. This 7-storey building is also strategically located near Tampines and Pasir Ris MRT stations for easy commute. With a number of businesses situated on the ground level and its proximity to major retailers like IKEA Tampines and Courts Megastore, the property enjoys high customer footfall. For businesses that have heavy and frequent warehouse logistic requirements, they can also benefit from this property that is close by to other industrial estates in Seletar, Loyang and more. Units start from 2,629 to 10,683 sqft – with 6m ceiling height and 15kN/m2 floor loading capacity. Other facilities include 24-hour CCTV security and access, 6 loading bays with dock levellers, wide ramp-up and heavy vehicle parking.

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