3 Tips On Working From Home And Staying Productive

3 Tips On Working From Home And Staying Productive
During this period of time where Covid-19 measures are in place, non-essential businesses are required to move to WFH for everyone’s safety. And when it comes to working from home, there are often two opposing camps. One group believes that you can’t get anything done from home. The second group believes that people are happier and more productive when they work from home. 

Regardless of how you might perceive this new working environment at home, you can make a few adjustments and adapt to the situation so you can remain productive in your job tasks. We share some tips on how you can stay focused while working remotely at home.

1. A dedicated space

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Your home is your personal space where you unwind and relax. It can be hard to shift into work mode. Try to find a dedicated space in your house to work – that way you can associate your job with this space, and leave when you are off the clock. This will also encourage you to get out of bed, which can make it harder for you to stay focused and not get distracted. Make sure that you are well-connected to the plug points to keep your computer devices charged and stay close to the router for better Internet connectivity. Find what works for you so you can create a conducive working environment in a small corner of your home.

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2. Follow a schedule and keep a to-do list

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As the adage goes, the chains of habit are the lightest to carry but hardest to break. Make a habit of following a schedule, even when you are working from home. It helps you to maintain productivity and manage time better. It should help you to make things feel more structured while enhancing efficiency. 

Otherwise, you may have a hard time dealing with your incoming days, especially with solitude. Time spent alone at home, even while doing work, will be better if it’s structured. This can include setting an alarm, getting ready for work and having regular mealtimes. Keep a to-do list as well to help you stay focused on prioritised tasks for the day, so you can deliver your work on time without causing any delays.

3. Interact with co-workers

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This period of time during WFH can cause a rise in feelings of loneliness and isolation. Working remotely for extended periods can have an impact on one’s mental well-being and bond with the team. Social interactions at work facilitate closeness and cooperation. So, fill the socialising gap by hitting up a colleague you can talk to – even for small talks and short chats.

If you are leading a team, encourage them to establish routines and keep in constant communication. It can be harder to interact and discuss on projects when everyone is working remotely from home, thus inform them to acknowledge all emails and work messages promptly. Videoconferencing services like Zoom and chat apps like Slack have been great communication tools to toss ideas around and get people on the same page.

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