3 Time-Saving Ways For Small Business Shipping

3 Time-Saving Ways For Small Business Shipping
At a time where e-commerce is booming, consumers are demanding products faster than ever. They also have expectations as to how their order arrives, the level of transparency in the supply chain and the easy process of returns. It goes without saying that how you manage your shipping and fulfillment can make or break your business.

But of course, running a small business is no easy feat – any amount of time you can save can make a difference in your bottom line. Check out some of our time-saving tips below to help improve your shipping process and pay more attention to other areas in growing your business!

1. Plan your carrier pickups

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Schedule a regular collection time for your packages. As your business grows, you can save more time when you are not lugging around packages and waiting in line at the post office. Work with your preferred courier service and ensure they can come to your office or warehouse to pick up your shipment and process it for mailing. There may be additional fees involved but it may be worth helping you free up more time for your business.

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2. Consider the option of outsourcing

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If you’re still unable to figure out the “science” behind your shipping process, you may want to explore the idea of outsourcing the work to lessen your burdens. For instance, you could try dropshipping your packages in which the product supplier will send the items directly to your customers. This means saving more time from managing the shipping process, however you do not have control of how items are shipped and delivered.

Another option is to engage a third-party logistics provider, who will store your inventory, process your orders and ship your packages. This can generate cost savings in your supply chain and allows you to scale up or down as needed. With that said, there is also lesser control over the delivery process and you are positioned further from your products, which can be an inconvenience if quality control issues come up.

3. Establish shipping rules

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Get familiar with the shipping costs of your packages according to weight and dimension. This helps you to prepare the necessary shipping or customs documentation and fulfil the order quicker. Most online retailers use different carriers to find the best service and rates that fit their business needs – so explore various options that best suit you. Depending on the type of packages you have, whether they are light weight or low density, you can opt for standardised flat rate shipping or choose by dimensional weight to help you save on costs.

If you have international orders, keep in mind that the products need to be shippable to the destination country to avoid the hassle of returns. Distance is also a factor in shipping costs, so update your shipping policy and pricing in your e-commerce website so customers can be well-informed on the estimated charges and delivery time.

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