3 Simple Changes For Improving Work Productivity

3 Simple Changes For Improving Work Productivity
There’s nothing more important to a small business than its employees. Happy employees lead to an increase in productivity, which will go miles to help your business grow. Implement small changes to your current process to keep their well-being in mind and improve the levels of productivity. You’d also get more quality work done in a short period of time and reduce the amount of time spent on unnecessary tasks.

Here are some tips to help you make the right changes and increase the rate of productivity in the workplace.

1. Provide access to the right tools

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Having the right tools can help to boost workplace productivity. Sometimes, the old way isn’t always the right way, and it may be time to update specific organisational processes. Whether it’s time management tools or sales software, they can help to automate everyday work tasks. Investing in the right ones can get work done quicker and more efficiently without facing reduced work quality. It’d be good to keep an eye out on the various ways you can improve on existing processes and tools.

Investing in the right location for your business is also advantageous, so your employees, business partners and clients can easily access your office. Our location at 10 Raeburn Park offers offices for rent near Kampong Bahru within walking distance of Outram Park MRT. Located just at the fringe of CBD, this self-sufficient lifestyle and office hub has a tranquil green environment and in-house facilities that are well-suited to startups and SMEs, namely gym amenities, F&B options, and childcare services. There are also free shuttle bus services that will bring you to Outram Park MRT, with additional drop-off/pick-up points at Tanjong Pagar and Tiong Bahru during lunch hours. You can also make use of the e-bikes/e-scooters stations to visit nearby spots in the area at Keong Saik Road, Neil Road, and more. There is currently one unit available for rent at 9,440 sqft – with conference & meeting rooms, director’s room, pantry and attached washroom as well as basic facilities like air-con and lights. Other features of the property include a corporate frontage, season parking and 24-hour CCTV surveillance.

2. Give proper recognition

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There is a link between how satisfied an employee is with their workplace and their level of productivity. One significant contributing factor to job satisfaction is work recognition. When they’ve delivered exceptional work, they should be recognised for the effort. Make it a habit to acknowledge good work and be generous with compliments. For any areas of improvement and criticism, convey them privately. This helps to make your employees feel highly valued in the workplace and be more motivated in their work.

3. Improve workplace conditions

Small Offices To Rent, Warehouse Spaces For Rent

You’d also have to consider the workplace itself, if it’s the reason behind the decrease in productivity. Taking care of your office’s cleanliness, air quality and indoor temperature are all workplace conditions that you should monitor. Having your office cleaned regularly will help to improve workers’ health and reduce sick days in the office. 

Your workplace should also be receiving plenty of daylight to enhance one’s mood levels and improve the eye’s ability to recover from fatigue. With the ideal working conditions in place, this will contribute to the overall health and wellness of your employees, which makes it easier for them to be productive.

Look for the ideal office location for your employees which can also help to boost their satisfaction levels. Our property at Cantonment Central offers large and small offices for lease, right outside Tanjong Pagar at the fringe of CBD. This building is newly refurbished with automated turnstiles at the lobby and full-height glass windows on all floors, as well as a breathtaking sea view at the 3rd level. For accessibility, the upcoming Cantonment MRT station is just 2-min walk away while it takes 10 mins to get to the Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Sizes of the office units start from 400 sqft to 12,150 sqft – bare with full height glass windows. There are also ample food amenities in the vicinity and ample parking lots for those with private vehicles.

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