3 Best Industrial Spaces For Rent In Singapore To Consider

3 Best Industrial Spaces For Rent In Singapore To Consider

Singapore is a key trading hub and gateway city for exports. Foreign direct investments and local manufacturing capabilities have been the top priorities of the country. With the dispersion of different industrial developments to provide infrastructural support islandwide, some are situated in the vicinity of the heartlands, while others are at the outskirts, or offshore. All of these are related to B1 and B2 industrial sites. At B1 sites, software development, repair and assembly of electronics, as well as other light and clean industrial operations are carried out. These take place within a nuisance buffer of less than 50m from the surrounding zones. In contrast, B2 industrial developments involve businesses from heavy sectors that pose a significant environmental impact. Some industries may need a buffer of at least 100m. 

There are various industrial spaces for rent in Singapore but it may consume your time and effort to find an ideal one. Fret not, we have curated a list of the Best 3 to save you from all the hassle.

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1. Spaze, 202 Kallang Bahru

Spaze 202 is an industrial property sited at the centre of the industrial hotspot in Kallang Bahru. Complemented with serene fields, the newly refurbished property is suitable for use as a warehouse or ancillary office. Loading bays are one of its special features.  


  • Easily accessible 

-4-minute walk from Bendemeer MRT and 8-minute walk from the Boon Keng MRT station

-Few minutes’ drive to Geylang Bahru

-Available via Pan Island Expressway

2. 34 Boon Leat Terrace

Opting for B1 industrial space for rent? You may want to consider 34 Boon Leat Terrace, which is strategically located near the ports. The 50 individual units housed by the industrial site comes with a minimum size range of 260sqft. The fully-fitted units are ideal for warehousing, ancillary offices particularly those in start-up businesses. 


  • Easily accessible 

-8-minute walk to CC26 Pasir Panjang MRT 

-10-minute to CC27 Labrador Park MRT 

-Available via expressways

  • Availability of carpark lots and cargo lift 

-Allow businesses to load/ unload cargo conveniently.

B2 industrial space for rent in Singapore

3. Space @ Tampines

Located at the intersection of Tampines Avenue 10 and Tampines Expressway (TPE), 18 Tampines, also known as Space @ Tampines, is a perfect option of light industrial for rent in Singapore. Suitable for businesses in Clean & B1 Light and B2 environments, the property can be transformed into an industrial space or warehouse. It is also great for office purposes and storage work spaces. The 7-storey building houses various interior design companies and home furnishing firms available for the public. 


  • Strategic location

-Situated next to the highway

-Opposite to Giant Hypermart, IKEA Tampines and Courts Megastore

  • Cater to operational requirements 

Bring convenience to businesses with significant warehouse logistic needs

  • Easily accessible

-Nearest MRT stations are Tampines and Pasir Ris

-Near Loyang, Tampines, Changi, and Seletar Industrial Estates

  • Good volume of customer footfall 

-High potential to attract new customers

-Generate greater sales for your business

After looking through the three shortlisted B1 and B2 industrial spaces for rent above, you may be wondering what determines the marketability of industrial spaces. Listed below are the factors that pose an influence on property value.

  • Proximity to transportation

Industrial spaces with easy access to major transportation routes, such as MRT stations, four-lane highways and motor carrier services, generally feature higher marketability. 

  • Proximity to raw materials and target markets

Marketability of industrial spaces located in areas reasonably near raw materials and target markets will be higher. The proximity allows businesses to reduce the cost of transporting raw materials to their plants. 

  • Building specifics

The building layout, the amount of floor space and ceiling height, as well as amenities will affect the marketability of any given industrial space. Prospective buyers usually prefer those available for expansion. 

Before paying for rentals of any industrial spaces, it is important to do thorough research on the property prices and advantages attached. The 3 best industrial spaces recommended above should be considered as part of your renting options.

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